BLOOMBERG BRIEF - Hedge Fund Asia - Fund News 

Astral Asset Management reached a two-year milestone in its Astral Value Fund. The long-biased fund started by Lee Kian Soon and Sean Mah rose 4% in April and is up 12.6% this year ....​

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Presentation at BigFatPurse Conference on 05 Nov 2016

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Astral Asset Management

Interview with Bloomberg 08 Jul 2019 

Interview with Money FM 89.3 The Breakfast Huddle on 30 Jul 2019 

Invest Fair 2017 Panel Discussion on 05 Aug 2017

STORM MAGAZINE -  4 things to worry about the expected Fed Rate Hike

Kian Soon shared his thoughts on the potential implications of the impending rate hikes. ...


Interview with FM893

BUSINESS TIMES - A startup life for these two fund managers 

IN humble digs at the Regus business centre at Suntec City Tower 2 sit two fund managers planning to make a name for themselves. ....​

BUSINESS TIMES -  Best World won't be affected by China crackdown: COO

Astral Asset Management chief investment officer Sean Mah told BT he sold off his remaining positions in Best World ....​

Interview with 89.3 on property market outlook on May 2018

Interview with Bloomberg Nov 2018

BUSINESS TIMES - Contrasting penny tales of Best World and Serrano - Best World shares up as much as 10 times from end-2015 to September
Mr Mah, who follows a value investment strategy for his US$10 million fund, bought into Best World in 2015 before the rally took flight...​

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BUSINESS TIMES - Sandwiched by powerful forces 

I asked some investors how companies facing near-perfect competition survive. Astral Asset Management's Lee Kian Soon cites three ways: Innovation, economies of scale and brand loyalty. ....​

Interview with Bloomberg Aug 2018

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BLOOMBERG BRIEF - Hedge Fund Asia - Fund News 

Astral Value Fund, a Singapore-based equity strategy run by Astral Asset Management, rose 0.2 percent in May, according to a letter to investors seen by Bloomberg. ....​

Interview with Dr. Wealth on Dec 2017

Interview with Channelnewsasia First Look Asia on 05 Dec 2016

BUSINESS TIMES -  Nine year threshold for independent directors back in focus

Sean Mah, CIO of Astral Asset Management told the Business Times that he agreed with the council ....​

BUSINESS TIMES -  SGX shifts voluntary delisting power balance to minorities

Sean Mah, chief investment officer of Astral Asset Management, called the rule changes a "victory" for minority investors: "I think ... ...

Interview with Channelnewsasia First Look Asia on 16 Aug 2016

Interview with Channelnewsasia First Look Asia on 21 Sep 2016

Interview with Channelnewsasia Asia First on 12 Jul 2019 

BLOOMBERG BRIEF - Hedge Fund Asia - Returns in Brief

Astral Asset Management's Asian long-biased fund gained 1.7 percent in
February and is up 4.9 percent for the first two months of 2017, according to an investor update....​

Interview with Channelnewsasia Asia First on 06 Aug 2019 

BLOOMBERG - China Hedge Funds Claw Back From Losses as Market Swings Subside

Astral Value Fund, a long-biased stock fund run by Singapore-based Astral Asset Management, returned 3.1 percent in September, bringing its 2016 performance to 9.5 percent, according to its newsletter...​

BIG FAT PURSE - Astral Asset Management: Compounding capital with diversified value strategies

If the last century was known as the U.S. century, we are optimistic that this century will be the Asian century. We would like to offer investors an opportunity to participate in the growth of the Asia region through our flagship Astral Value Fund.​​..

Interview with Bloomberg 23 Jan 2019 


Kian Soon: I am optimistic about the 2018 macroeconomic and geopolitical
outlook. ...

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